Southern Siren - Maheshwari (Hijara Fantasy Series), photography by Tejal Shah

"Maheshwari is a hijra identified woman. I met her in Bombay during my research. I was struck by her loud laughter, sense of fantasy and belief in magic. Her desire was to become a south Indian film star and see herself in a song and dance sequence, romancing the hero and to be romanced by him in return.

"Love for love. The simple human quest, forms a recurring theme in a lot of hijra narratives. Just before our shoot, Maheshwari was visiting her family in Andhra Pradesh. When I met her upon her return, she was wearing an awkward, makeshift bandana made out of a dupatta*. Her brother had chopped off her luscious, long hair while she was asleep…" -Tejal

* dupatta [du·pat·ta]: a South Asian woman’s scarf or covering for the head and upper body.

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16th September 2013 @ 06:03am

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